yoga alliance certificationBy Kimaya Singh

As yoga instructors, it is important that we continue expanding our own knowledge of our practice, both professionally and personally. Professionally, and especially when we are certified with a reputable Yoga teacher certification center, we must maintain continuing education hours in order to maintain our skills, credentials, expertise, and build on a track record of student safety. Continuing education is geared toward making sure we continue growing as instructors. On the other hand, teachers should not neglect to continue their own personal exploration of yoga. There are more facets in yoga than most people realize and one lifetime is not enough time to learn every detail. Gurus continue to learn for life.


In fact, one of the primary errors I notice among yoga professionals is the failure to keep up a personal practice apart from their teaching. Indeed, it can be very difficult for instructors who teach yoga all day long to switch back into student mode again. Sometimes, after an especially long day of classes, the last thing teachers want to do is walk into another yoga class. However, if we believe what we teach, instructors must recognize how essential it is to not just maintain credentials, but to treat continuing education hours as a complement to a personal yoga practice that is kept distinct from a professional one.

Continuing Education

Thankfully, continuing education hours can be obtained in a variety of ways. Aura Wellness Center suggests a minimum of 10 hours be dedicated toward studies every year in order to be current with safety standards and to enhance your knowledge in the process. As long as instructors take a course or participate in independent research about yoga techniques, specialist teacher training, human anatomy, physiology, yoga philosophy or teacher ethics, the methods for learning are diversified. For example: A teacher can read books, attend workshops, take an advanced course, study DVDs, watch streaming videos, or take a distance learning course.


Distance Learning and Online Education

Continuing education hours offered through an online method are easy to find and are often very enlightening. However, there are some things instructors should keep in mind. There are many choices and the needs of our students have more weight than any other decision when choosing a yoga teacher training intensive course.

Take Your Time When Choosing the Right Course for You

Avoid taking any online course offered in your first search through a shopping cart. Ask yourself, “Which course will help me to help my students? Enhancing your knowledge is a good thing, but you want to be able to apply what you learn toward the well being of your students.


Treat Your Yogic Studies Seriously

With certain online forums, the temptation can be strong for students to multitask during the course. However, I believe that in the case of online education the old adage is true: You get out of it what you put into it. Each of us should set aside time for the course and do their best to focus on the material, rather than just do what is required to finish.

Enjoy the Journey

It is my wish that teachers relish the information they receive through their continuing education hours. You can learn so much from the online learning method, especially by interacting with your classmates and taking advantage of the variety of resources available on though an online yoga school. Treat these hours as a way of deepening your personal experience of yoga and enjoy the chance to refresh yourself.

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