500 hour hatha yoga certification online courseBy Kimaya Singh

We are all familiar with the four basic elements surrounding us: earth, air, fire, and water. These elements reside both outside of us and inside of us. The internal experience of earth, for example, is often experienced as a sense of groundedness and connection to the earth. The water element may be internally experienced as the fluidity of emotional states. The fire element is often experienced as the energy of creativity, competition and a strong desire to accomplish one’s goals. There are specific Yoga poses that nurture and intensify the internal experience of fire. Utkatasana or Powerful Pose and Warrior Three Pose are two such poses.


* Utkatasana or Powerful Pose

This pose is often referred to as Awkward or Chair Pose as well, because the pose replicates sitting in an imaginary, suspended chair. It tones and strengthens the thighs as well as releasing and elongating all of the muscles along the sides of the torso, arms and shoulders. Before practicing Powerful Pose, it is advisable to warm-up first with a series of Sun Salutations. When you are warmed up and ready to practice Powerful Pose, stand at the top of your Yoga mat in Samasthiti. Samasthiti means equal standing pose. Distribute your weight evenly between your two feet and feel the solidity of the ground beneath you. Take a few deep, complete Yogic breaths.

With your next inhale, raise you arms over your head and bend your knees 6-8 inches. Your palms should face in towards each other. Keep your arms along side your ears and slightly rotate your pinky fingers towards the center of your body as you rotate your upper arms slightly towards your center. Hold this pose for three to five complete breaths. If you have the strength, you may wish to bend your knees several more inches to increase the intensity of the “fire” of the pose.


* Warrior Three Pose

This pose strengthens your legs, back and gluteus maximus muscles. It also increases your ability to concentrate and hones your balance. Additionally, the strengthening aspect of the pose will generate more inner fire and determination. From Powerful Pose, shift the weight of your body onto your right foot and lean forward as you extend your arms in front of you and parallel to your Yoga mat. You may wish to press your palms together. If balancing in the posture is challenging today, you may keep your palms facing each other shoulder-distance apart. Keep your right leg lifted to hip height with your right toes facing down towards your mat. Hold Warrior Three Pose for three to five complete breaths. When you are ready, bring your right leg down and return to Samasthiti. Pause for a moment to feel the vibrant energy coursing through you. Repeat on the left side.

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