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Many people choose yoga because it offers a gentle, relaxing way to maintain good health without the high intensity or jarring nature of other workouts. Practicing yoga can ensure strong, lean muscles, proper posture and alignment, and better circulation. Although traditional yoga gets newly oxygenated blood pumping into the heart, it doesn’t typically raise the heart rate to levels that will make it stronger. Power yoga, however, provides the best of both worlds: You get the benefits of all the traditional yoga postures while also getting a higher intensity workout.


Power yoga generally entails a series of poses performed in a smooth, uninterrupted flow. Breathing is integrated throughout the series of poses, and many poses are held for a specific period of time. Students must concentrate and focus throughout an entire power yoga workout. It also provides a way for toxins to be released from the body through sweat. The heart gets a good workout because the body is constantly in motion.  Although Power Yoga may be overlooked when people consider types of aerobic exercise, one’s heart rate can be taxed just a much by a 20 minute sequence as a brisk walk. A flowing sequence of yoga postures can be a good substitute for a walk on a rainy day.


In addition to eating a healthy diet and avoiding cigarettes, exercising is a crucial component of achieving overall heart health. Many people struggle with finding the right exercise for them. Perhaps a previous injury keeps some from being able to run or do high-impact aerobics. The beauty of power yoga is that it is still a rather low-impact form of exercising. The poses are still gentle on the joints, but when they are performed as a flowing series, they become a great way to get the heart pumping.


Power yoga students learn to use inner strength to keep moving through a series of poses. They learn to breathe deliberately by filling up the abdomen, lungs, and chest with each breath and slowly releasing it. This is a healthy way to release stress and anxiety, while toning all of the body’s muscles. The heart becomes stronger as it continually receives new blood and works to pump it throughout the rest of the body. Power yoga might be an ideal form of exercise for someone who wishes to improve the strength of the most important muscle in the body: the heart.

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