yoga teacher trainingBy Bhavan Kumar

Having a set of well thought out goals prevents individuals from drifting aimlessly through life but goals should never become distanced and removed from present moment reality. Pairing meditation with efforts to reach goals leads to heightened levels of productivity and success easily and with less perceived effort. It’s a state worth living in.

When we think of reaching goals we often envision grim determination and single-minded focus, but many times this isn’t the ideal way to go through life. Life is really just a succession of different goals all strung together to form a unique path that’s all our own. Therefore, finding a comfortable state in which our goals may still be reached makes productivity and achievement natural, imbued with a sense of ease and lightness.


By meditating on a daily basis one maintains an essential distance and space from their goals; the goals cease to be a destination we must reach as soon as possible and instead become a part of the bigger picture of life. By cultivating a feeling of non-attachment with our goals we retain the ability to see the goals clearly with purposeful perspective. Perspective allows individuals to see the next logical action that is doable in the here and now which will lead to the fulfillment of the ultimate goal. Non-attachment is a powerful tool in getting what you want from life and the best part is that when the goal is reached it may be truly honored and enjoyed for what it is. The sense of self is not dependent on having achieved anything outside of oneself and there is peace.

When essential distance is cultivated, one becomes aware of all the myriad paths the present moment has to offer that lead towards the goal, preventing individuals from becoming rigidly devoted to one set plan. Life is an ever changing puzzle and the most successful people are able to remain flexible in order to make the best possible choice in the here and now.


Meditating also enables individuals to allow life to be as it is right now and honor it for what it is. Letting life be is the only sane option available; resisting what already exists is nothing but insane. Acceptance does not mean passivity, and acceptance can often be paired with steps in the present moment in order to make positive changes in the future. This results in the perfect action possible being taken at any given moment without losing touch with reality.

Goals cease being hard and difficult when the consciousness of an individual burns brightly. Because the present moment is honored and respected and non-attachment is a part of the equation, goals no longer serve as a potential for perfection and happiness in the future. There is no longer a sense of ‘Someday, I’m going to make it, and then I’ll be happy’ because you have made it already. There is perfection, completion and achievement in each individual step in the journey towards the goal. This is empowered living. By pairing meditation with goals, individuals stop wishing things could be different and start reaching their potential on a daily basis.


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