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Practicing Yoga over any length of time will gradually enhance intuition.  Yoga is a philosophy that seeks to answer the eternal questions “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” The path to this inner wisdom is different for every traveler. Yet, at the core of any spiritual practice is a belief in a higher power whose presence represents pure bliss. How, then, can we reach our destinations?

Intuition is a roadmap leading to our inner selves. It is the deep knowing, the small voice that says to check on a sleeping child or call a sick friend, without knowing why. We all have it, but sometimes our lives are so noisy that we have trouble listening. Fortunately, we can learn to get in touch with that part of ourselves, and Yoga provides the tools we need.


Patanjali’s Sutra, an ancient guide to Yoga, explains how the mind works and how we can use the components of Yoga to build an all-embracing lifestyle. Many of the concepts he describes help us to develop intuition. Among these are the following practices:

• Study of sacred writings

• Strong boundaries in relationships and actions

• Self-study and pure living

• Physical postures

• Controlled breathing

• Withdrawal or detachment from the external world

• Ability to tune out distractions and focus on a particular idea or object

• Meditation, or letting go of attachments

• Union with a higher, universal knowledge

In the seven chakra system, the sixth chakra (ajna) – known as the third eye – is the center for creativity, intuition, and clear thinking. It is also associated with the pineal gland. Because the lower five chakras must be balanced for the third eye to “open,” working on those chakras is the first step in developing the intuitive self. Then, special exercises can strengthen the sixth chakra.


Ways to increase imagination by making the sixth chakra stronger include the following exercises:

• Alternate Nostril Breathing

• Chanting the mantra, Ham-Ksham

• Postures, including Tree, Cobra, and Fish Pose; and Supported Forward Bends

• Meditation

• Eye exercises

• Visual stimulation or guided imagery, especially those involving the color indigo

• Affirmations with the word “I”

• Music using woodwind instruments

In the words of the great scientist Albert Einstein, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

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