khechari mudraBy Faye Martins

What is Khechari Mudra and how can we practice this technique? A regular, proficient practice of Khechari Mudra is said to release the very elixir of life. The term “khechari” is derived from two Sanskrit roots that are translated as meaning “one who moves the sky.” In other words, an ardent practice of this tongue lock mudra will propel a devotee into a state of the universal awareness of God. As the tongue puts pressure on the soft palate in the middle indentation located on the roof of the mouth, a variety of sensitive glands are stimulated and release tiny drops of ambrosial nectar.


This nectar is known as amrita in Sanskrit. It is said to relieve all hunger and thirst in very advanced practitioners. For the rest of us, it clears the energetic pathways of the Sashumna Nadi and allows the awakened Kundalini Shakti energy to continue her ascension up through the seven chakras until she pierces the Crown Chakra where the devotee’s consciousness merges into God’s consciousness. A regular practice of this mudra will keep these energetic pathways clear and stabilize a practitioner’s consciousness in the higher chakras.


Practicing the Khechari Mudra also stimulates the release of “feel good” neurotransmitters such as dopamine. With the release of calming and soothing hormones, a Khechari Mudra practitioner also experiences a profound state of calmness and well-being. Additionally, applying pressure to the points on the roof of the mouth helps to balance out the energetic pathways throughout the body. In this way, incorporating a regular practice of the Khechari Mudra into your Yoga practice will help to revitalize your entire being as the nectar of the gods is released and flows from the bindu located at the Third Eye Chakra throughout your whole body. It is even said that practicing the Khechari Mudra has the power to awaken the divine Kundalini Shakti energy that lies coiled at the base of the spine.


Khechari Mudra

To practice Khechari Mudra, sit in a comfortable position on a chair or on a blanket or Yoga mat on the floor. Close your eyes and fold your tongue back and up towards the soft spot in the middle of the roof of your mouth. Gently apply pressure to this point with the tip of your tongue. Practice Ujjayi breathing or ocean-sounding breath as you perform Khechari Mudra. Hold this mudra for several minutes. When you have completed the practice, sit for a few moments and feel the calm and expansiveness throughout your being.

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