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Can Yoga change the atmosphere in a workplace? In a perfect world, productivity would be at its maximum all hours of the workday, employees would feel clear-headed and motivated to wipe out their to-do lists during an eight-hour stretch, and people would save any emotional stress or physical weariness for when they stepped out of the office. The reality is that people get tired, productivity rises and falls throughout the day, and everyone hits a little afternoon slump where they would rather be napping than sitting at work.


Many companies have wellness philosophies that encourage a healthy diet and exercise programs for employees. Some companies even offer on-site exercise facilities, or time within the workday to squeeze in a workout. Hatha Yoga can provide the necessary stress relief and refocusing of the mind during the workday, with little cost to the employer, and little disruption to the workday.

What if breaking for five minutes here and there throughout the day could up productivity significantly? What if a quick stretch to refocus the mind could increase creative thought? What if employees could choose when they need a break, choose the appropriate stretch or breathing exercise and go for it? Well, companies would probably see positive results across the board. Implementing yoga into the workplace will make for healthier and happier employees, increased productivity, and a better work atmosphere.

Employees and supervisors would need a bit of training to educate about specific yoga poses to use in specific situations, as well as breathing techniques to ease stress and clear the mind. Some companies might hire a Yoga teacher to educate the staff, or to lead Yoga classes at designated times. If the company doesn’t want their employees taking huge chunks of time out of the day to do a yoga routine, a certified yoga teacher can teach employees quick poses to do anywhere or anytime. A five-minute break with eyes closed and deep breaths can bring oxygen into the blood stream, and re-energize the body and mind for the rest of the afternoon. Perhaps the company could provide handouts to employees with illustrated Yoga poses and a bullet-point list of important reminders regarding each pose.

The need for Yoga in the workplace is obvious. Companies can be on their way to wellness in a short time if employees are willing to give Yoga a try. Management needs to ask themselves if they want healthy employees with few absences, more motivated employees, increased production, and people who are happy to be at work. If the answer is yes, then Yoga is the answer.

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