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Eating disorders include a family of unhealthy conditions such as anorexia or bulimia which are most common among females in some societies, though a small percentage of men are impacted by these conditions as well. Eating disorders have the potential for great destruction or even death depending on certain factors. Those with eating disorders become fixated on how imperfect their physical forms are, which is quite understandable given the irrationally unrealistic standard that is set for today’s women in ads all over the media.


The person with the eating disorder feels that their body is wretchedly imperfect, and that they must fix themselves as soon as possible because their imperfection is something they simply cannot tolerate any longer. The truth is, even if someone had the most perfect body they themselves would not necessarily be perfect; the physical form matters little in comparison to what lies within.


People with eating disorders erroneously think of the goal of achieving the perfect body as their means of salvation, meaning that everything will essentially be right with the world if they are thin enough. No external event in the future offers any salvation since the only time one can be happy and free is in the here and now. It is essential that those battling eating disorders reconnect with that which really exists and is real in this moment. Reconnecting with reality will heal the rift between their minds and their bodies, leading to acceptance of all that is.


Yoga is the best tool for coming to love and respect the skin you’re in. The Yoga asanas are difficult and challenging, forcing participants to really connect with their physical forms. By performing the asanas, one comes to the realization that the body is just a tool with which one may learn valuable skills and do worthwhile things. The body no longer merely serves as a visual representation of the imperfect self; the body becomes beautiful for doing the things it was made to do.


There is no way to do yoga and not honor and respect the body. The asanas require too much focus, intention and attention to let the mind wander. When the mind is held still and forced to pay absolute attention to something outside of itself, profound changes can occur.



A steady routine of yoga practice will instill feelings of self-confidence and enhance one’s self image. Learning to appreciate ourselves as we are is a yogic life skill, which brings about states of happiness and contentment.


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