yoga certificationBy Amruta Kulkarni, CYT 250

Known as “sleep of the yogis,” the benefits of yoga nidra go beyond the mental and emotional to the physical. This deep relaxation detaches the mind from any stress or burden experienced mentally, emotionally or physically, while still remaining completely aware and allows the practitioner to open himself/herself to more positive resolves or suggestions, which can be life-changing.

The intense meditation practiced in yoga nidra helps with true relaxation, which can lead to better rest when sleeping. Just falling asleep usually is not enough rest for the body and mind, when stress of any type is being experienced. The unconscious mind continues to worry about the cause of this stress, but if nidra is practiced, the practitioner can fall into an aware sleep, disconnected from that stress and therefore allowing for true rest.

Another benefit of this deep relaxation is its power to help with illnesses such as high blood pressure and hypertension, depression, migraine, asthma and insomnia. The breathing exercises of nidra, as well as its power to get the body and unconscious mind to totally rest while the conscious mind remains completely aware, can soothe the different stresses put on the mind and the body by a variety of health problems. Additionally, the practice of nidra can help with lowering the use of medication as there is natural improvement of these illnesses when yogic relaxation methods are practiced.

This true relaxation also helps with focus, memory and learning-ability, since the rested mind is able to concentrate better and retain more information during the learning process. The rested practitioner becomes more energetic, ready to encounter new challenges, and face new obstacles.

Yoga nidra also enhances mood, since the stress that would, otherwise, cause depression, mood swings and negativity is already dealt with during the meditation practices in yoga nidra. The nidra practitioner is full of positive thoughts, optimistic, open to new ideas, and enthusiastic about life.

Since the practice of nidra opens the mind to positive suggestions, it can also help with the elimination of bad habits such as smoking or overeating. It is an excellent way to begin a true transformation into a healthier, positive, stable person.

Finally, yoga nidra can be practiced by and beneficial to people of all ages, as it helps to deal with many different stresses, anxieties and illnesses. Younger yoga practitioners as well as older ones can become more self-assured through the practice of daily meditations.

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