yoga instructor certificationBy Faye Martins

Postnatal yoga is an excellent solution to the stresses of new motherhood and a great way to ease your body back into shape. You can also incorporate your baby into your yoga practice and bond with them as you exercise.

Before attempting postnatal yoga or any other type of exercise, it is important you give your body adequate time to heal and don’t begin anything until you receive your doctor’s okay. The first area you are most likely going to want to tone would be your abs, as they have no doubt become weakened from months of carrying an infant. It is a good idea to ease into exercising your abs by first practicing pelvic tilts and then working your way up to more challenging positions such as the boat pose.

During this time of becoming a new mom you are undoubtedly suffering from neck, shoulder, and arm pain from all those feedings and baby toting. The cow face pose is excellent to remedy these sore muscles, as well as any other slow arm and shoulder stretches. Due to lack of sleep you will be feeling a considerable loss of energy; poses like Warrior II can help bring some back. Although Warrior II can be demanding, it will gradually help you regain energy levels.

Make sure you don’t leave your little one out of all this yoga fun! Your baby can spend your yoga sessions playing or lying on a blanket next to your mat; they will probably enjoy watching you flow through the poses, and you are setting an early healthy example for them. You can also try this great gas reliever: with your baby flat on his or her back, bring their knees up to their chest and move their legs in a slow bicycling motion.

Also try holding your baby to your chest and practice deep breathing exercises; this can be an excellent soother for baby. Provide another great stress reliever for your baby by giving him or her a little massage. When baby is in a quietly alert mood, lay them out on a comfortable surface and rub their entire body using soft, slow motions, either dry or with baby lotion. Experiment with different types of touch to see what your baby prefers.

You are embarking on an incredible journey of a lifetime. Incorporate postnatal yoga into you and your baby’s daily routine and it will surely be a big help with dealing with all the stresses along the way.

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