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Life can be full of stressful situations; it is not uncommon for these distressing times to pop up when they are least expected. A normal reaction is to become angry, frustrated and tense, but these emotions don’t actually help the problem – not in the least. More often than not, they make it worse and meditation can be difficult during stressful times.

How can one go through life without experiencing stressful situations? The answer is that you can’t, life can always be stressful, and often will be. This is the fundamental nature of life, but life is good. Our reaction when life fails to meet our expectations of what it should be like is the only thing we have control over.

Acceptance is the only way to deal with the unexpected challenges in life. Yoga and meditation are two great bridges into this place of acceptance and peace. A meditation practice may be taken up during the calm, quiet times and then once it is established it will be there during the rougher times. Solace may then be drawn from the practice when it is needed most.

Another benefit of daily meditation practice is the fact that little meditation sessions may be performed at stressful moments during the day. When an individual has increased his or her presence and power on a daily basis; a feeling of self-empowerment is the result.

Through the practice of meditation and inner awareness, only a moment of quiet contemplation is needed to bring a practitioner back to a state of centered balance. A short Yoga training session before meditating can relax the body enough for a much needed meditation session during trying times.

A temptation when stressful situations arise is to relent and let mediation time to go by the wayside, but that is actually a terrible idea in a time of crisis or high stress. Keeping oneself grounded and relaxed is not selfish in the least. The better one takes care of one’s emotional health, the better one can care for others who also need to cope with stress.

In stressful and crisis situations, it can be hard to maintain a sense of perspective and clarity of mind, but clarity of thought can make all the difference in tough times when good decisions really count. The act of meditating provides a retreat away from it all and the best part is that this secret, quiet place is accessible at all times. In fact, no one can take it away.

Any flavor of meditation may be used for stress reduction and clarity of thought. It is all a matter of finding the meditation technique that works best for you.

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