yoga teaching opportunities in tennis clubsBy Kimaya Singh

For instructors, there are many Yoga teaching opportunities at the local tennis club. If the Yoga teacher training intensive you attend doesn’t point out the opportunities outside the traditional Yoga studio – shame on them. When it comes to becoming a better tennis player, many people overlook the benefits of Yoga.

By implementing Yoga into their training routine, players can improve their concentration, strengthen their body core, and help relieve the pain caused by tennis injuries. After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of how Yoga can help make a positive impact on a tennis player’s performance.

As any tennis player will attest, tennis is more than just a physical game: It’s also a mental game. More specifically, players must be able to stay mentally focused and concentrate on the match being played. This is one area in which Yoga can help.

By implementing at least ten minutes of Yoga and meditation into a daily training routine, a player can gradually improve on his or her ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. Increasing a person’s ability to concentrate isn’t the only area in which Yoga can help.

Being physically fit is a huge factor in being a successful tennis player. Developing and maintaining a strong body core can lay the foundation for having the physical tools necessary to being a terrific tennis player. Yoga helps to build a strong core while stabilizing the midsection. This results in a player feeling more balanced and maintaining better posture throughout long, grueling matches.

In tennis, the joints take a pounding. The most frequent injuries in tennis are related to the knees and elbows. The sport has its own nickname for one condition called “tennis elbow.” Knee and back injuries also occur frequently. These are often more than muscle strains because joint injuries are serious conditions, which make daily tasks much more difficult.

Many players who are afflicted by these conditions are reduced to using pain pills as a means of dealing with their discomfort. However, Yoga offers a natural remedy to combat the pain. Through the use of Yoga exercises, individuals can carefully learn to heal themselves over time without having to resort to pharmaceutical measures.

Now that you know how Yoga can positively impact a tennis player’s life, You will probably be more apt to finding time to bring Yoga into your local tennis club. Not only will it help to improve their concentration during matches, but it can build a strong physical core, as well relieve symptoms that come from playing tennis for an extended period of time. Practicing Yoga in their daily training routine can help take their tennis playing to the next level. Yoga teaching opportunities in tennis clubs are here to stay.

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