twisting yoga asanaBy Faye Martins

We often hear that asana is just one of many Yogic aspects, but a 200 hour Yoga teacher training program may focus on asana for 100 hours. Yoga asana is essentially a deep internal massage. As you move through a series of postures the muscles, bones and organs bend, twist, flex, contract, lengthen and release with each other. In manipulating the body this way, energy blockages are released and the internal organs massaged.

Nerve channels open to clear a pathway for circulation by alternately flushing and emptying the blood and lymph vessels. This flushing or squeezing creates a massaging motion on the internal organs keeping them pliable and healthy. Regular Yoga asana practice encourages the spine to become supple as the joints move freely, while muscles lengthen and loosen.

The joints are able to bend and turn as more space is created for maneuverability. By keeping regular Yoga practices going you are contributing to your own good health by keeping the energy flowing freely. The body becomes a conduit for creative life force as it begins the healing process. As the energy flows freely through you, you begin to feel invigorated and re-charged able to function all the better at your healthiest. Beginning to move through life strong in your purpose and feeling connected!

To practice Yoga asana is to undo the obstructions and limitations in your body and mind to allow for the free flow of creative life force energy. If the flow of energy that connects you to the universal rhythm diminishes or becomes obstructed then health problems will arise.

Moving through the various postures (asana) allows for the energy flow to move in other directions that your body normally wouldn’t assume. Each posture brings movement to the affected area opening tight spots as you funnel your energy to that specific area. By bringing your breath in to help loosen and release blockages the tissue around that area softens.

Stretching is a natural self-remedy and I encourage you to take the time for this practice nurturing yourself for a little while each day. So many people tune out their body’s cries for help only to find that over the years they become more, and more, stiff as arthritic diseases set in. I can’t stress enough the importance of nourishing, and thereby honoring your body in the Yogic way on a daily basis. Working out kinks and tension as they arise will keep you feeling loose and relaxed as your natural posture improves. Simple lengthening and loosening stretches can be done anytime, anywhere—even at your workstation!

When the mind is disconnected from the body, you will experience the following: poor health, uncertainty, stress, discomfort, fear, doubt, helplessness, depression, aloneness, heaviness, malnourishment, bad habits, and negativity.

When the mind is connected to the body, you will experience the following: optimum health, self-worth, strength, purpose, understanding, confidence, compassion, relaxation, lightness, patience, optimism, balance, grace, contentment, and joy.

By becoming aware of your body and listening to what it is saying through those aches and pains, you will be able to honor it as you tend to your optimal well being. As you loosen and dissolve knots in your body, your mind too begins to loosen and expand during yoga asana practice.

Creativity comes more freely and you are able to direct it into areas of transformation and growth. Recognizing your personal power to create your life on your terms and realizing that you are now moving with ease rather than disease. As a result conflicts of the mind diminish while feelings of peace and beauty flood in empowering you to realize your potential.

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