coping with anxietyBy Kimaya Singh

Yoga offers many ways for coping with anxiety. Anxiety is a huge problem in our society. Many people struggle with daily anxiety over a variety of problems and in doing so, often exaggerate those problems. Some of the areas that produce the most stress for people are fear over losing their jobs, health issues, their own personal concerns about the probability of a solid financial future, as well as concerns over the current economic state of the world. People also struggle with having an overly-packed schedule with many obligations to attend to on a daily basis.

Some of the results of unmitigated stress are fatigue, muscle tension, irritability, nausea, respiratory issues, depression, and insomnia. The various tools and techniques that Yoga offers address many of these issues in a natural way and in partnership with your own body and mind. Yoga asanas help to release muscular tension and increase your energy. The breathing techniques that Yoga offers help to lower cortisol and adrenalin levels, and in doing so, increase your overall sense of well-being. The other way in which Yoga classes help to cope with anxiety is often overlooked, sometimes just getting out the house and away from cellular phones, computers, family members, and friends, helps to create some space for you just to relax and unwind.

The combination of practicing Yoga asanas with deep breathing exercises is a wonderful method for coping with anxiety. Yoga asanas help to stretch and strengthen your muscles and ligaments. The asanas also help to keep your joints mobile and lubricated. A power vinyasa Yoga class will even help to exercise your heart and improve your cardiac health.

If you combine the practice of pranayama with Yoga asanas, your endocrine system will become more balanced, which will promote a feeling of calmness and ease. As your adrenalin and cortisol levels even out, it will be easier for you to concentrate on what is truly important to take care of in the moment, instead of operating from a place of crisis management. Lower cortisol levels will also help to improve your memory, so that you can remember the important items on your “to do” list.

Attending Yoga classes for coping with anxiety at a beautiful studio or spa setting is a frequently over-looked aspect of how the practice of Yoga helps a yogi or yogini. In today’s virtual age, we are all wired in, at all hours of the day and night. If you are practicing at home and have young children or elderly parents to care for, it may be difficult to settle in and do a focused hour-long practice of Yoga.

Taking a Yoga class at a professional studio or spa will allow you the time and space to give yourself a breather and just focus on “being on the mat.” This one-pointed focus or drishti is one of the main Yogic allies in coping with anxiety.

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