yoga teacher certificationBy Amruta Kulkarni, CYT 250

For people with medical conditions, one of the most freeing and uplifting treatments for them can be Yoga. Yoga truly has the power to transform lives and work as a miracle in the lives of people with cancer and other stressful medical conditions. Many doctors have even begun recommending that patients join a Yoga course as a way to achieve peace of mind, in order to help a patient battle a disease or medical condition.

Yoga has the ability to allow the body to achieve an optimal relaxed state. When the body is fully relaxed, it is able to take in the full benefits that prescription drugs can have on a person. When a person’s body is fully relaxed, he or she will also be able to better take in the benefits of treatments like chemotherapy as well.

When a person partakes in Yoga, he or she may actually be able to decrease the amount of drugs he or she takes to get over an illness. Many patients love doing Yoga, because it has the ability to make the body so strong it no longer needs certain types of medical drugs. This enhancement of internal healing can be one of the most gratifying reasons that people can benefit from Yoga therapy.

In addition, Yoga therapy can serve as an effective treatment for those people who undergo psychiatric counseling. Many people dealing with emotional issues can benefit from the relaxed state of mind that Yoga brings them. Yoga truly clears the mind and allows a person to focus on what is important in his or her life. For people with mental conditions, Yoga can be the key that solves all of their problems.

For people that suffer from medical conditions such as obesity, Yoga has also been discovered to help. Yoga can be an effective way for any person to achieve gradual moderate weight loss in his or her life. By strengthening the core muscles that one uses in a given day, a person can truly change the lean muscle to body fat ratio. Many doctors recommend that obese individuals join some sort of Yoga class as a part of an overall medical weight loss treatment.

Overall, Yoga has the ability to greatly impact the lives of people with medical illnesses and mental health issues. If a person has never tried Yoga before and suffers from a medical condition, then he or she should definitely try out Yoga to enjoy a new perspective of life.

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