By Claude Aoukar

A frequently asked question is how often should we practice yoga to get all the benefits? The answer is always and every day. It is true that an average yoga session is usually ninety minutes but what we achieve there is an art we learn to apply to anything and anywhere. From the moment we wake up in the morning to the time we lie down exhausted in bed and even when we are sleeping, something is still there. It is our heart beating which keeps us alive and this connection to life is the focus of any yoga session.

It is easy to learn asanas in a yoga session. Our body gets more flexibility after a few months of practice and postures get easier with time but physical lightness, strength and healthy neuro-muscular system could be achieved with any other physical training and is only a small path in yoga discipline. The difference between yoga and any other indoor or outdoor sports is that yoga does not end after 90 minutes, but you carry it with you to your home. In a Yoga class you have learned how to get connected to your breathing system and this is something you need to take care of all day long to control your stress, to control your anger at work, to control your dealing with family problems, to control your personal frustrations and discontents inasmuch you need to produce, diffuse, channel positive insight in anything you do and around you to feel simply happy.

Most people complain that nowadays with the hectic and stressful style of living they do not have enough time to exercise and wish they could devote more time for a healthier way of living. Do we really lose time when we do mudras while walking to work or sitting behind a desk? Do we really lose time when we practice some bandhas when we are stuck into traffic?

Do we really lose time when we lay down in savasana to help cure insomnia instead of turning around in the bed to find a position that you could help us fall asleep? Do we really lose time when we induce a positive concept to anything we are forced to do to earn our living?

What about simply remembering to sit correctly to relax a back pain at work, tensing the legs, rubbing the neck or cupping the eyes a few moments when hooked on the laptop? Do we really need time to include yoga knowledge in our everyday life or we do merely need to develop a willpower and faith that with simple and smooth yoga adjustments we can change things to a better way? Practicing yoga is always enjoyable and rewarding. This is the reason why It should be an art of living.

Claude Aoukar is an author and teaches Yoga.

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