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Today, in these times, the whole world suffers from so many problems. Amongst one of the major problems is depressive illness called depression. It is much like an Epidemic. According to a survey, it is assured that death due to depression is much more likely as compared to diabetes and blood pressure.

No one will understand the state of a depressed patient. It is assumed that it’s due to so many ups and downs of daily routines in life. When this patient goes to a doctor they label them as depressed.

It is essential for a patient to move out from this depressing situation. For all the seminars, teaching should be given, but they are only a temporary relief. To take a patient out of depression, it’s essential to understand his puzzled mind, which is only solved through love, care, and try to make himself happy.

How to Help

The condition of a depressed man is much like the sun, which hides behind dark clouds. It is not permanent state of mind, because whenever these clouds scatter the sun will definitely shine. So, for a while it is essential to understand the condition of this person. Only through loving behavior of others, and within himself, will he feel long-term states of happiness. This will enable him to improve himself, instead of neglecting his depressive state.

Essential Points

1. Maintain positive thinking, as some people say: thoughts change in to word.

2. Maintain positive language because it converts into the words of positive work.

3. Maintain positive work energy which becomes a habit.

4. Make a habit of positive changes into a daily routine.

5. Maintain a positive daily routine, which give us a sparkling future.

Every person suffers so much tension, in these days, our reaction depends on our internal mental state. How will we respond to stressful situations if we are so weak in the mind? Then, to be suddenly knocked down, by daily circumstances, it is hard to be bold, strong, and happy while recovering from a depressed condition.

Is Depression an Epidemic?

The way in which it’s spreading, it should be correct to say it’s an epidemic. Tension and depression both of them are co-related, if tension goes beyond its natural limits, then its called depression. Since India is a spiritual country, people believe in treating problems with the older and natural methods like Yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda only.


Heredity: if any person previously suffers in one’s family, then it should be considered that anyone might be suffer from depression in the same family.


The atmosphere in which one is residing working family tension any chronic diseases economical and stresses affect mentally in negative manner


In our brain, so many chemicals are present; some of them are neurotransmitters and some are neuroinhibitors. Together, they maintain balance in our brain and are responsible for maintaining normal states of mind. It’s said that if serotonin like neurotransmitter decrease in concentration, then brain comes into a state called: “depression.”

Signs of Depression:

• Considered himself unhappy and hopeless.

• Put himself target less from his life.

• Insomnia

• Increase or Decrease in hunger.

• No Sexual excitement.

• Worried and cried whole time.

• Not feel himself in the environment of joy.

• Feeling himself lonely amongst friends and family.

• Always trends to crying.

• No interest in any work.

• Frequent frustration and irritation.

• Suicidal thoughts

• Inferiority Complex and Loss of confidence

• Dull Face with Dull Expressions.

• Future Insecurity

• Constant negative thoughts running through the Mind with destructive feelings.

• No Interest in future

Stress Management:

Nowadays there are many alternates available as well as supportive therapies along with allopathic medicines by which you can gain more benefits in treating problems.

• Acupuncture

• Aroma therapy

• Art Therapy.

• Ayurvedic therapy

• Creative training

• Crystal Power

• Dream therapy

• Deep Relaxation

• Exercise

• Forgiveness

• Healing Touch

• Herbal therapy

• Hobbies

• Hypnosis

• Imaginary & Visualization

• Manage

• Meditation

• Music therapy

• Nutritional Supplements

• Prayer

• Spirituality

• Time management

• Yoga

Depression- Invitation Of Disease

• High Blood Pressure

• Artery Blockage

• Nervous System Disorder

• Sexual Disorder

• Diabetes

• Hormonal Disorder

In Depressive conditions, Yoga is helpful in releasing muscles tension.

The following Yoga techniques are therapy for depressive conditions.

• Tadasan

• Tiryak Ttadasan

• Katichakra Asan

• YogMudra Asan

• Ustra Asan

• Bhujangasan

• Sarvangasan

• Halasan

• Pranayam

In Depressive stages, make a habit of deep breathing. Deep breathing is always helpful because during bouts with stress, our breath becomes fast and shortens supplies of oxygen to body – By which the person feels himself tired. That’s why it is good to do Yoga and meditation regularly, techniques such as: Anulom – Vilom Pranayam, Vilom Pranayam, Bhramari Pranayam, and Aum Chanting are beneficial. Do aum chanting for 3-5 minutes with concentration. This session will make you feel happy and joyful with aum chanting.


Meditation starts with concentration for that whenever you start meditation lying down on floor in sleeping posture. Close your eyes slowly, relax your body. Mentally say to yourself that: “My body is going to be relax.” Say 8 to 10 times: “I have no tension in my body – I am going to be relax.


After some time, you will feel that your body is really become relaxed. Now, concentrate your mind on the top of your the Head, and Imagine…(Remember: as good your imagination is, you will get more comfort and results) on the top of your Head you will feel a Brightening light as a flame. Now, feel the energy in this flame like the energy of the Sun. This energy will strengthen each and every part of the body in terms of freshness and relaxation from bad thoughts in the mind. By this method, you will feel your body is now getting relaxed from the drain of bad thoughts for the rest of the entire day.

In the other words: You may feel a spiritual energy inside you, by this flame which you are mentally looking on the top of your Head. This spiritual energy is making you now stronger, energetic, and providing you a confidence to stay alive and do the best utilization of your life – The life in which you have good from God. You have to live life, and feel your worth in terms of name and the fame of you and your family.

Dr. Rishi Singhal

Counselor & Meditation Consultant

Kalptaru Counseling and Meditation Centre

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