Preparation for Cow Face PoseBy Michelle Buford

Yoga is defined as a form of exercise by a series of different poses and breathing exercises. Yoga is done by slow and fluid motions. This exercise is not fast paced or a series of strenuous movements. Yoga is also found to be relaxing and to heighten your mental senses. It is found to be a very beneficial to your health.

Due to some of the poses, people tend to shy away from this form of exercise. It is true you can injure yourself if not done correctly. However, that is true for any exercise. There are instructors as well as videos to aid you in doing the exercises correctly. For instance, if you have a back injury, there is a series of poses for you situation. A few of the poses for back injuries are the pelvic tilt, standing forward bend, and the side angle poses. If you need to see these poses and others, there are numerous videos listed on the Internet. It really does not matter what shape you are in physically, there are yoga poses you can do.

The benefit of yoga is getting your body in shape. Today in a health care society, we have to remain active. Our lives are very busy causing exercise not fit into anybody’s schedule. You have to make a conscious effort to do so. If you add an injury to the equation, is adds to the lack of wanting to exercise. Yoga can be done in short periods of time, and if you have a physical impairment, you can still exercise. Yoga will tone your muscles, help you lose weight, and increase your flexibility. Plus, you will feel energized and relaxed.

As with any exercise, you do need to consult your doctor. The back injury is just an example of how Yoga can work with any injury. Yoga offers a range of exercises from beginners to expert. There are easy and complex poses. So you can increase your strength as you progress. There is no expensive equipment and clothes to purchase. The benefits truly outweigh the liabilities. Exercise is something we all must do. Try yoga, you may be pleasantly surprised.

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