boat pose - Yoga   Written By Gina Lombardi

The beauty of Yoga is that once we begin practice we begin to realize the joy that is something inside of us and once we begin to live in joy, we begin to live in good health. One begins to abandon those things in life that have brought us pain and suffering. We begin to eat healthier and practice our other daily activities in a more present and mindful experience. Although many of us will experience this happiness, joy and good health slowly and sometimes only at brief times, it will continue to grow with patience and self- discipline to practice.

Yoga is not about self-improvement or making ourselves better, it is a process of deconstructing all the barriers we may have made in order to prevent us from having that true connection with ourselves and our world. We cannot strive toward something that we already are. The recognition that each individual can achieve understanding only through his own exploration and discovery, and that all of life is a continual process of refinement which allows us to see more clearly, is obtained by a commitment to practice yoga over a life- time.

In Yoga there is no reward to strive toward, for the practice is the reward. Every moment you focus your attention on your breath, coming back to your body and your immediate reality, you will experience the deep sense of stillness. This feeling brings so much joy and revitalizes the whole of you that you cannot help but be drawn to practice yoga and better healthy choices to nourish your entire being.

The seed of all that is possible begins to unfold like the petals of a lotus flower budding effortlessly out of the murky water. The union is found again and again, until the union speaks louder than the ego that has bound you. Finding yoga is finding your true self or atman, and uniting with Brahman will thus bring you closer to Samadhi, in which the masters have realized is our goal. Remembering that this is what we already are.