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Yoga Instructor Training: Sciatica

Of the many ailments we may study during a yoga instructor training course, back pain and headaches are most common for the average...

Can Power Yoga be Practiced as Therapy?

Yoga therapy aims to heal the body of any physical, mental, emotional or psychosomatic ailments by identifying the root of a dysfunction and practicing a set of techniques (asana, pranayama, meditation or relaxation techniques) intended to address the problem. It seems obvious to yoga teachers that people who suffer from problems ranging from persistent lower back pain to depression have been flocking to our classes in an attempt to alleviate their symptoms.

What Is Yoga Therapy?

oga therapy has made its way into mainstream medicine as part of health treatment programs. Many health care professionals recognize...

Yoga Therapy and Medical Treatments

Yoga therapy can serve as an effective adjunct treatment for those people who undergo medical treatments or psychiatric counseling.

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