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Monthly Archives: April 2010


Deep Relaxation Yoga

Yoga students may be able to reach these states naturally. Others will need a great deal of patience and guidance from you as their teacher. By focusing on asanas that promote relaxation, practicing meditation and incorporating Yoga Nidra into the routine, stressed out students will find it much easier to obtain the deep state of relaxation they are longing for.

Taking Yoga to Fight Stress and Blast Fat Away

Modern yoga classes are varied in types. There are hot yoga classes, as well as naked, general, and even therapy type classes. There is truly a practice for all types of people, whether you want to improve your body or you are just starting out.

Hatha Yoga

When doing some of the poses that make up basic hatha yoga, you should never feel pain. You must breathe deeply and naturally as you do the asana. As you breathe and move, the poses will come more naturally. You should never strain, but gently increase your ability to complete and hold each pose. If a pose feels difficult or painful, stop immediately and try it as you feel more secure and focused. If you already have any severe back or neck injuries or issues, you should check with a doctor before you try to do any yoga poses or techniques.

How to Theme a Yoga Class

There are all different types of themes that yoga instructors use. Some are for the type of students in the class, i.e. gentle yoga. Others are structured around a specific body part or type of pose, like backbends.

Bikram Hot Yoga

Aside from the obvious benefits of Bikram yoga, there are other benefits to doing Bikram hot yoga that may not be seen right away. Choudhury and others who are devoted followers of this type of yoga claim symptoms of various ailments can be alleviated by doing this type of yoga at least ten times a month, if not daily. The symptoms of multiple sclerosis and autoimmune disorders may be helped by doing Bikram yoga.

Pranayama For Beginners

Pranayama is the fourth limb of Astanga yoga, and is also called as the "Heart of Yoga." Pranayama teaches us to how to use our lungs to the optimum capacity; as a result of which, the cells in our body are able to get sufficient quantity of oxygen. Though there are about 20 pranayamas; some of the pranayamas which are easy, and can easily be practiced by beginners are as follows Sunhat pranayama, Pranava pranayama, Kapalabhati, Anuloma Viloma pranayama, Bhramari pranayama and Sheetkari pranayama.

Ashtanga Yoga and the Eight Limbed Path

To some people Ashtanga is the physical origin of vinyasa flow, but to others it is the physical limb of Raja Yoga. There is truth to both sides of the story, but I will briefly try to answer the question: "What is Ashtanga?"

Anatomy to Yoga

Find a day and pay attention to what your yoga teacher is saying during class. You might have realized that some scientific names are mentioned. Alot of people just let it pass them by as long they manage to get the pose the teacher is asking for. By taking mental note of one or two, you can learn further by asking your teacher about what they have just mentioned in class. It is a subtle opportunity for you to be lead into the further knowledge and understanding of the asana you've just did in class.

What is Vinyasa Flow Yoga?

Vinyasa simply means Breath Synchronized Movement. It is a broad level term that covers a wide variety of yoga classes. While practicing this yoga the instructor instructs you to change from 1 posture to another on an inhale or an exhale, thus it is sometimes also called Vinyasa Flow Yoga or just 'Flow' for the reason of the soft technique of doing the different yoga postures.

Power Yoga – Rejuvenate Your Mind, Body and Soul

Power yoga is becoming extremely popular these days and it is the modern version of the traditional yoga postures. Yoga can help you to achieve physical fitness as well as mental wellness. People who want to loose weight can also try out the power yoga techniques in order to burn out the extra calories. Since ancient times, yoga has played a significant role in achieving better mind, body and health.

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